Badman Kitchen

This weekend I had the pleasure of designing a logo for Badman Kitchen, an amazing brand rooted in tradition and authenticity. Badman Kitchen is a catering startup that specializes in caribbean sauces, seasonings, food and events. Their flagship product is their Jerk seasoning which I have had the pleasure of using.

When I approach a branding project, I’m always thinking about perception. How do I exceed the expectation of my client? How to produce a competitive advantage for my customer. How can I make Badman kitchen larger than life?

It starts with the logo. My client provided me with some patch-like logos for inspiration. I’m a fan of patch like logos and was successful in developing one but the real success story was in one of the smaller versions (A-1).

Less is more.

While the patch logo is dynamic and interesting, there’s something to be said about breaking it down to the bare neccecities. I look forward to designing the labels for the many sauces and seasonings under the new Badman brand. I see A-1 being the main logo and “A” boing the large logo used for special circumstances.

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